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Title: Chatty Lasses - Season 5, Episode 12

Season 05, Episode 12.
First Broadcast: 2017-10-18
Synopsis: In 2015 cosmetic procedures peaked, with women accounting for 91% of them with breast augmentation being most popular. The Girls talk to Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Ash Dutta.#chattylasses

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Chatty Lasses - Season 5, Episode 11

Season 05, Episode, 11.
First Broadcast: 2017-10-11
Synopsis: The girls look back at their biggest fashion regret? And what fashion trend they wish would make a comeback? And talk all things make up with Samira Boussaid.#chattylasses

Chatty Lasses - Season 5, Episode 10

Season 05, Episode, 10.
First Broadcast: 2017-10-03
Synopsis: Today's dating game, how has it changed? Are people ever who they say they are? What makes a good marriage? Radio Presenter Tim West is today's guest. #chattylasses

Chatty Lasses - Season 5, Episode 9

Season 05, Episode, 09.
First Broadcast: 2017-09-27
Synopsis: Beauty treatments have come so far, especially in recent years, but what was the Chatty Lassies first experience? Guest is Clair Barnes from the Waxing Room. #chattylasses

Chatty Lasses - Season 5, Episode 7

Season 05, Episode, 07.
First Broadcast: 2017-09-12
Synopsis: This week the Chatty Lasses talk dreams and premonitions. Also they reveal their worst hairdo horror stories. This week's guest is hairdresser Amelia Hall. #ChattyLasses

Chatty Lasses - Season 5, Episode 8

Season 05, Episode, 08.
First Broadcast: 2017-09-13
Synopsis: The Chatty Lasses talk travel, what's on their travel list and what was their best and worst holiday. Featuring guest Lauren Thompson who bucked the trend when selling her house. #ChattyLasses

Chatty Lasses - Season 5, Episode 6

Season 05, Episode, 06.
First Broadcast: 2017-09-10
Synopsis: The girls discuss that the average house price in the UK is around 245k. It's never been more challenging to get on the property ladder and talk to the Property Boyz. #chattylasses

Chatty Lasses - Season 5, Episode 5

Season 05, Episode, 05.
First Broadcast: 2017-09-08
Synopsis: What is the meaning of happiness? What makes you happy? How do you measure happiness? Do kids worry more than ever? The girls discuss this and more with Steven Udale. #chattylasses

Chatty Lasses - Season 5, Episode 4

Season 05, Episode, 04.
First Broadcast: 2017-09-07
Synopsis: The girls discuss if they could turn their life into a book what kind of book would it be? And talk all things sleepovers with Victoria Cansfield from Sleeping Teepees. #chattylasses

Chatty Lasses - Season 5, Episode 2

Season 05, Episode, 02.
First Broadcast: 2017-09-06
Synopsis: The girls talk to fashion blogger Helenlee Whally and discuss are you happy with your body image. How do we make sure that our kids don't fall into this trap? #chattylasses