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M Club’s Game of Attraction has drawn to a close, with winners Jordan and Mat walking away with a 5* luxury holiday to Portugal, courtesy of Douro Royal Hotel and Spa.

The climactic live final at Birmingham’s glamorous M Club, saw the remaining four couples battling it out to be crowned this year’s winners, with cameras following the chaos that ensued when several contestants finally let tensions between them take over.

With a Season 2 on the cards, who knows what could happen next time?

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M Club’s Game Of Attraction

Set in M Club, a glamorous city centre nightclub, the couples must prove to each other and to the viewers, that they are the most compatible in the show. The cameras follow the duos as they face temptation, jealousy and lust and attempt to get to know their partner on a deeper level. The chemistry between duos is put to the test as they must accept or reject invitations into the romantic Room of Attraction where they can experience some one on one time, getting to know each other better amidst the love triangles unfolding outside – But will there be any action, in the Room of Attraction?

With tense showdowns between the male contenders and envy unfolding between the females, viewers will enjoy plenty of entertainment and OMG moments that will not disappoint.

Meet The Presenters

Hosted by the glamorous Yvie Burnett, singer and vocal coach to the stars, with additional commentary from body language and spiritualist, David Maddock and behind the scenes gossip with George Hancorn, join the game every Tuesday 17th October at 7pm with repeats on Saturday at 8pm. The Life final is at 8pm on Tuesday the 21st.

The Grand Prize

The live final will air on the 21st November where the lucky winners will be handed an incredible five star week away at the Douro Royal in Portugal!
The Douro Royal Valley Hotel & Spa offers a relaxing, charming setting surrounded by old vineyards in the Douro region, which has been declared a World Heritage Site. Modern and elegant, this establishment enables guests to get close to nature through the quiet waters of the Douro River.