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Release Date: 27th March 2017
Location: Birmingham.

Josie Gibson, former star of Big Brother and recent contestant in Channel 4’s series of ‘The Jump’, will be introducing viewers of her brand new show, ‘Getting Jiggy With Josie’ to her first set of singletons on Friday 21 April at 8pm.

The new, 6-part series will air weekly on Made in Birmingham and across the Made Television network’s other seven channels in Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool, North Wales, Teesside and Tyne & Wear.

Says Josie,

“I can’t wait to get started. My Cupid’s bow is poised and I’m really looking forward to meeting the contestants and giving them a good grilling. I’m hoping to make as many love matches as possible and to have lots of fun along the way.”

‘Getting Jiggy with Josie’ will unveil a contemporary twist to dating, blending a unique mix of Cilla-esque blindfolds and intrigue with probing questions about the lives and loves of each contestant, with plenty of awkward moments.

Potential consorts will be blindfolded throughout the duration of each show, while their dating hopeful will have the opportunity to assess them, based upon their answers and reactions and their performance under pressure.

Datees will be pushed even further from their comfort zone when they are asked to spin the ‘Jiggy Wheel’. The wheel will land upon one of three tasks they have to complete blindfolded: ‘Touchy Feely’, ‘Show Us Your Moves’ or ‘The Taste Test’ round.

The final test will be when the winning contestant is escorted – still blindfold – on a romantic date for two. As the blindfold is removed, the dewy-eyed duo can decide whether they care to spend the rest of their lives living together in love and harmony. Or not.

‘Getting Jiggy with Josie’ will be aired in association with the new dating app, JigTalk.

The new dating app, JigTalk, is an innovative, gamified platform, created for people to get to know a potential date before meeting, rather than basing assessments purely on looks. Whilst JigTalking, 16 jigsaw pieces initially cover each JigTalker’s image. These reveal, one by one, as more and more messages are exchanged. Users learn about their potential love through an edge-of-their-seat experience.

JigTalk, the blind dating game, is available on iOS and Android.